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Hello 2020!

#better #everyday #domore

Wanted to share a fun moment I had tonight. Hope it helps spark something new inside your mind. Enjoy!

2020 was creepin’ up on me.. so I decided to start The New Year doing something “new”. Didn’t feel like any special “New Year’s Resolution” other than.. do more.

Here is what happened..

As I was listening to AKIRA THE DON

This new track spoke to me.. wow..

So! That’s when it got even stranger..

The message in the music was talking about reading.. and I’ve always been awful at reading. So.. to learn to love to read I decided to try Blinkist. (Trust me.. it will help anyone who needs to read more)

The Free Daily Pick was The 3-Minute Rule by Brant Pinvidic

Loved some of the below topics..

• Convey key information concise 🔑 • People are bombarded 💥 • People are savvy ❤️

• 3 min is the rule (period)

• Will you design around the rule??? 💪🏼

Have you listened to this blink?

What did you like?

Comment below. Thanks for reading!



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